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Professional Dog Training Services
A must read before getting that New Puppy or Dog!! Master Trainer and award-winning Author of the new book, The Right Dog for Me. Select the right dog or puppy and raise a puppy, including housebreaking and bad habits.

What do I need to ask the Breeder? What about show dogs, titled dogs, and working dogs? It must be read before getting that new puppy or dog. Easy to read and understand, No fluff...Just the facts. On Sale Today!

The International K9 foundation

Book name: The right dog for me.
Author: Jeff McCall
Available on Amazon

Now you can have a call with the TRAINER!!

Bring a Professional Dog Trainer right into your own Home.
You can have call with a Professional Dog Trainer for advice and guidance. This allows the Trainer to see your dog while describing any behavioral issues you might be having. This also allows you to see the Trainer while he's explaining, demonstrating, or describing ways to correct behavior.

MUST-HAVE for dog owners. Train your Dog with ME, How to train your Dog.

DVD - Train Your Dog With ME: An Instructional Dog Training Video
Grab your dog and follow me like thousands of Dog Owners before you. Follow along step-by-step and learn how to train your dog. So simple, so easy, even a 13-year-old can do it and Do it.

An instructional dog training video using training sessions as owners learn to train their dogs. Follow your favorite team as they progress through each training session

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Begin today and see what a difference K9 International can make!
Order a DVD or pay for training today with Facebook Pay.

Dog Books and Books about Dogs. has the best selection of dog training, nutrition, and competition books. Author Jeffery O. McCall, a Master Trainer, has written several books about dogs, including dog breed books and dog training books. The book "The Right Dog for Me" explains how to choose the best dog for you. Other books that can help you train your puppies are available. They teach you how to housebreak a puppy, raise a puppy, buy a puppy, or a new dog, and they also teach dog obedience training. We also offer dog training videos that include, video online dog training, dog obedience training, and dog training videos for sale. Learn how to train dogs.

Professional & Certified Dog Training and State Registered Dog Training Service

Basic & Advanced Obedience, Service Dog Training, Behavior Modification, and Problem Solving. We have many Services to choose from, including Boarding. Jeff McCall, Summit, Mississippi.
DVD - Train your Dog, It's Easy...Just follow along with me. 

The International K9 foundation

The International K9 Foundation

Certified & Professional Dog Training
Specializing in Service Dog Training and Certification, Basic and Advanced Dog Obedience Training, Dog Obedience training classes, Behavior Problems, K9 Training, All types of dog training, Problem-solving, Puppy Training, Housebreaking, Dog Training, Serving Dog Trainers in Mississippi, Dog Training Jackson, Ms, Natchez, Ms, and Hattiesburg Ms. We have indoor Kennels with 24/7 service. We have Boarding, Dog behavior problems, and Dog obedience Problems. All types of Obedience training for dogs, Basic Obedience, Advanced Obedience dog training, Dog training Tips, Dog Obedience training classes, Housebreaking your dog, Puppy training, and dog training advice. You can find Obedience training for dogs, dog training, dog obedience training in Jackson, Mississippi, dog obedience dog training in Natchez, Mississippi, dog obedience training in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, a dog trainer in Gulfport, Mississippi, dog obedience training in Biloxi, Mississippi, Boarding Kennels and Grooming. I do dog training for all types of dogs and dog breeds. I do all kinds of training. German Shepherd puppies for sale. Puppies for sale. Video chat with a Dog Trainer and receive training tips, advice, and guidance. Great for housebreaking and puppy training. We also have Dog Training Instructional videos to help you train your dog.

Dog Training DVD's for sale.

Dog Training videos for sale. Service Dog Training and Certification. PTSD service dogs. Therapy Dogs. Emotional Support dogs. Best-selling dog training video on the market. Learn how to train your dog. Video chat with a professional trainer, great for housebreaking, training tips, dog training advice, and guidance. Number One rated Dog Training video on the market. Professional Dog Training videos with limited video chat support. The best way to learn dog training. Best results using the Book and Dog Training video by having a call with the trainer for guidance. Dog Training Videos and Dog Training support. Dog Training Videos for sale and Video chat with a Dog Trainer, have a call with a dog trainer. Best-selling dog training video and Video chat with a dog trainer. Housebreaking a dog. How to train a dog. Dog Training videos for sale. Training The Right Dog For Me and Video Chat with Dog Trainer. Dog Training Help. Dog Training Videos for sale. Online Dog Training. Online Dog Obedience Training.

The International K9 foundation
The International K9 foundation