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We are State Registered, Certified Professional Dog Training and train all breeds and sizes of dogs. We specialize in behavior modification, basic and advanced obedience, on and off-leash training, puppy evaluations, service dog training with PTSD certification, emotional support and therapy dogs, and problem-solving.

The International K9 foundation

About The Owner

Over twenty-five years of (Real World) experience in handling and training dogs. My background and training experience combines Military, Law Enforcement, and civilian dog training. I have a Master Trainers Certification. I have spent a great deal of time overseas while serving in the United States Marine Corps and working for the Department of Defense. I have traveled to places like Iraq, Kuwait, Kosovo, Dubai, Hong-kong, Singapore, Australia, and a few others. I also have a security clearance, which means that my Background has been thoroughly investigated. I have worked and trained dogs in some of the most extreme conditions. My extremely diversified dog training experiences make me the best choice when looking for a dog trainer.

Indoor Kennels And 24/7 Service And Care

Dog Obedience Training, All Training Guaranteed

Basic & Advanced DOG Obedience, Behavior Modification, Problem Solving, Puppy Training, Housebreaking, Behavioral issues. Service Dog Training for PTSD, Emotional Support, and Therapy Dog Training and Certification following P.A.T standards. We have many Services to choose from, including Boarding, BREEDING, Protection, Attack, Guard, Import, and Sale. All Dogs Welcome, Big or Small. ALL TYPES OF TRAINING FOR ALL TYPES OF DOGS.

The International K9 foundation

All Training Guaranteed

All Training comes with FREE Unlimited follow-up lessons.

Puppy Training Available

Owners receive a puppy class and 24/7 trainer support for each new puppy.

Puppy Membership

A one time fee gets you a One on One evaluation with your puppy, step by step housebreaking instructions,
puppy development chart, advice and guidance, plus a guaranteed priority spot for training once your puppy is old enough.
One time membership fee is only $150.00

Service Dog Training and Certification

Dog training can be difficult for both you and your dog. We are an excellent way to lay a strong foundation for life. We do all types of training with all types of dogs, including Basic and Advanced Obedience Training, On & Off-leash Obedience, Boarding services, Personal Protection, Attack training, and Guard dog training.

The International K9 Foundation provides a certificate program for service dog trainers who are experts in service dog training. The program is designed for seasoned professional pet dog trainers who want to learn how to train service dogs.

The International K9 foundation
The International K9 foundation

Obedience Programs

The International K9 foundation


The International K9 foundation

Protection Training

The International K9 foundation

Service Dog Training

The International K9 foundation

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The International K9 foundation

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