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Over twenty-five years of (Real World) experience in handling and training dogs. My background and training experience combines Military, Law Enforcement, and civilian dog training. I have a Master Trainers Certification. I have spent a great deal of time overseas while serving in the United States Marine Corps and working for the Department of Defense. I have traveled to places like Iraq, Kuwait, Kosovo, Dubai, Hong-kong, Singapore, Australia, and a few others. I also have a security clearance, which means that my Background has been thoroughly investigated. I have worked and trained dogs in some of the most extreme conditions. My extremely diversified dog training experiences make me the best choice when looking for a dog trainer. I take great pride in everything I do; it is reflected in my Kennel's Cleanliness and my overall dog Training operation.

The International K9 foundation

My vast experience gives me a unique understanding of the different personalities concerning behavior found in dogs. My specialty is Behavior modification, Dog Obedience Training, Protection Training, and Problem-solving regardless of the Breed. You can not always categorize a dog's behavior based on its breed. Every dog is different, just like people. I can honestly say that my program works on all dogs. By utilizing my training method and one of my dog's Obedience training programs, I can solve ALL of your behavioral problems. Dog Obedience Training and Dog training is all I do, 24/7...365 days a year. Dog Training is something I'm very passionate about. My relationship with my Clients and members continues long after the training ends. This relationship continues for the entire life of the dog and beyond. I am also the Author of the Bestselling Book, The Right Dog for Me, which explains everything you need to know before picking out the right dog or Puppy. The Book also covers housebreaking, bad habits, and when to start dog obedience training. Professional Dog obedience training, Basic and Advanced Dog Obedience Training, Behavior Modification, Problem Solving, Protection training, Grooming, and Boarding.

Jeff McCall, Summit, Mississippi.

The International K9 foundation

The International K9 Foundation IK9F

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I do dog training for all types of dogs and dog breeds. I do all kinds of training.