Service Dog Training

Service Dog Training and Certification

Dog training can be difficult for both you and your dog. We are an excellent way to lay a strong foundation for life. We do all types of training with all types of dogs, including Basic and Advanced Obedience Training, On & Off-leash Obedience, Boarding services, Personal Protection, Attack training, and Guard dog training.

Service Dog Training and Certification, fully backed by my Kennel and My Reputation. (Fact) My business is State Registered and State recognized for the Purpose of Dog Training. Service Dog Training: Emotional Support dogs, Therapy dogs, and PTSD service dogs. Training runs around 3600.00 and takes around 4-6 weeks. Certification and Training conducted in accordance with PAT standards. Emotional Support dog is used to support other individuals or groups that have suffered an emotional event. Therapy dogs, used by therapist during therapy or counseling of a singular person or child. PTSD, official diagnosis's or traumatic event and prescribed by a licensended therapist or Doctors.